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17 Mac 2011

:u:We should not to be jelous @iri hati @cemburu
because OF WHAT iqah:s:

1st) it's a SIN
2nd) nobody gonna LIKE you
3rd) it'll gonna build a wall name "REVENGE"

erghh:x::x: do you want to know why i typed an entry about JEALOUS:s:
really:s: ok, ok:x:
:133: Because i'm jealous towards AYU

But why:s:
:133: Because AYU always know more than me:x:

no, no, doesn't meant i can't accept anyone that faster than me, NO:x:

AYU has more than 50 followers
AYU has the most beautiful Blogger
even she renew her Blog
AYU know where and how to join CONTEST
AYU know where and how to find a BLOG
AYU know where and how to find a WIDGET
AYU always know EVERYTHING

so, conclusion that we can get from here,

you:: herm, how bout your jealousness towards AYU, iqah:s:
me:: ok, ok, fine, now i'm not:x: i'll try my best:x: thanks:x:

:face60:THE END by IQAH:face60:


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