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SKTS....and ME!!
19 Februari 2011

What can i say??

SKTS the best! for so sure, my ex-school, can't defeat SKTS...

yeah, i mean,

maybbe my ex-s is the beautiful but

SKTS is the best!

enought 4 that..now bout me!

Photobucket Nursyafiqah Syamsul Anuar

Photobucket 12 y.o

8 March 1999

:41: Start blogging since this year-2011-!

Photobucket Love to online and post entry!

Friendly and careless-sometimes!

:d: Want to be the best among the best!

:51: Love to taking pictures! -photography

:face38: Fall in love with BLOG!

:face29: HATE to find a gadget!

:face19: Love 1A+1A+1A+1A+1A=5A!!!

:c: Still in progress to edit this blog!

:face50: CAN'T see anything in front of me..when i'm type some entry!hihi.. :)

me:: ":face3: If you hate me.. i want to 'kick' you from here"

you:: "Photobucket I HATE THIS BLOG SO MUCH!!!"

me:: "but..i cant'!

you:: why??!!

me:: :face71:

Don't steal.
God is looking.