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12 April 2011

Start April 11, 2011

Dear my friends,
if you read this, i want you to know that..
i love you like my family
i care you like my diary
i know you like i know myself
i don't know that you feel like this too..

i want our friendship is just like
they never control each other but they care about each other
they never asking because they know the true one

But, since Adriana joined them,
i can see reactioned from Syifa' that she felt uncomfortabled
because Fatin seems very closed to Adriana.

i knew about them more than u, my friends..
i don't know why, but that was passed..
now i knew it and i'll tell you because first things that i always talk about

Syifa' and Fatin was really closed to me.
They will be with me and i will
come to them whenever i got sulk or you sulk with my words and my deed.
Their eyes and ears are always ready for my come.

Do you know why?
because i'm always sad if you mad and sad towards me.

We often met at different times and places.
Also alone,without another eyes and ears peeping our talk.

Syifa' never know i'm always talk with Fatin.
Neither Fatin nor Syifa' both don't know bout this. ergh!

i will choose to meet Fatin before Syifa' because Fatin always
adviced me but Syifa' always told me what to do.
Do you know why i never want to choose the action that Syifa' prefer me to do?
Because of you..
i'm not choose Fatin's advice because of myself..

Fatin also mentioned what to do in her advice.
if i do what Syifa' ask, puff, believe me, you have no idea what Syifa' talk about.
To you and others, everyone, Syifa' is talking about nonsense things..
To me, myself, Syifa' are really cool and deserve to be a lecturer
because of her brain that are always full with that crazy idea.
And you know, the most part that i like is, it is WORKING!!!

i'm really will not prefer you meet Syifa' because
i knew that only one person can understanding her idea, is me!
really i didn't mean Fatin or others are not, just i'm over understand her!
i meant like i know what she talk about, i'm understood the idea,
she help me to make her idea come true, lastly we did it! OMD!!!

Syifa' is COOL Fatin is SUPERB
Syifa' is SUPERB Fatin is COOL ^_^'

if the problem was critical or i realize that the problem will be critical, then i'll meet Syifa'...
But, doesn't mean i ignore or unthankful towards Fatin..

Abdullah Ahmad Afhammudin Bin Hisyammudin or they used to call him APAM..
while me prefer to call him AFHAM..
I just hate to change the name of the person to be a kind of JOKE!!

Ayu Farahana Binti M. Sharif or WE used to call her AYU..
while Alia, my new classmates, (i'll post another entry bout the renovation of year 6) always write AYU in her own way, ARE YOU, i meant, we always tease Ayu but never thought to write her name with that way, lol!

okay, the title of this entry is
as you read it.
Now the story is..
actually, story about Syifa' and Fatin is only
for AFHAM and AYU. But, don't get me wrong k,
for them because they're my
while you are my

Afham asked us once that he was offered me and Ayu to be his BFF.
At the first, we are really joking each other till Ayu
realized that we are not BFF but we are TF.

True Friends are very difficult to be found.
In other words, True Friends is friends that has a big similarity such as
family,memory or the most is theirselves.
So, just imagine, could you find this friends?
probably is maybe and no...

But, Ayu found our big similarity.
it is crazy work if you try to find it!
Ayu? HER MIND just found it like that.. x_x
this is DESTINY my friends...
i will list down what have Ayu found out::

afham- pass, sedang lalui..
ayu- 50-50 lagi..
iqah- memag pass, sudah biase dah sekarang..
(i had no idea why i typed it in MALAY language v_v')

afham- Tuesday
ayu- Tuesday
iqah- Tuesday
(OMD, till now i forget TUESDAY or THURSDAY for SELASA!!!??)

we all- same as always.. -70% things that we have/do are same-
but now afham has been moved to class 6USM.. -_-
(remembered Alia? that will be on the next post k!)

we all are in love

i can't tell you in detail ok!
i'm sorry, it is our SECRET!

oklah, wanna go to Tuition after this!
you know, i took 4 days to make this entry..
now is April 14, 2011.. puuf ^_^"

End April 14, 2011

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