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Girls' CODES i got TOP 5!!!! Blog dah berubah! CONTEST= Show Me Your BFF Terharunye.. My Bestie! ^_^ My Favourite's Patriotik Songs FaceBlog Speacial for NAS ADILA & JESSICA Cedihnya, Happynya

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08 April 2011


Maksudnye lebih kepada Contest Cari Maknanya.
Bloggers these day put CONTEST at the beginning sentence.
it supoosed to at the end of the sentence.
But a few, put it at begin because they knew that bloggers mostly will not understand what are they talking about at all.. :face60:>

okay,okay..Ayu asked me to make an entry bout the contest. She organize it, but copy+paste from me, iqah!
it's fine, and i've agreed it! no document, no sign, nothing!
just face to face, in front of our loyal witness, Firza!

Talking bout Firza, yeah, yup, yes, absolutely correct! ?? She with her family went to Mekah on yesterday morning.
may Allah bless them...

Ok, back to the story of the contest, as you read it, i knew, it is on

ᶡαrαµαᶯα §Ł˚̊r¥

AYU's blog, isn't it?
you= pleaselah iqah, go on to the Terms and Condition.
me= yeah, yeah, yeah, watever!

:o:Follow blog AFARA and IQAH =tak mengapa kalau korang malas follow 2-2
KALAU nak tahu new latest, confirm lah follow blog iqah dulu, baru ayu..
kan, ayu copy+paste dari iqah? tak gitu?

:o:Tag-lah seberapa banyak korang nak tag as long the people is a blogger and active in blog!
juga, markah dikira bagi seberapa banyak anda tag blogger ye..

:o:oh ya, Ayu request supaya korang, yang nak masuk diminta untuk menepati syarat-syarat yang di beri.. markah dikira! yeah, all of sudden semuanye ni!

:o:syarat terakhir, comment URL/Link entry korang pasal contest ni, jawapan koranglah..


:22: YASS :133:
:22:ILYSM :133:
:22: ILY :133:
:22:NVM :133:
:22:WTV :133:

untuk first round, hanya 5 girls' codes sahaja yg diberikan..
semua competitor yang jawab dengan correct, akan bersaing
at second round! get ready babe! start type entry now!

>>Teka maksud disebalik huruf-huruf itu supaya menjadi sebuah ayat atau satu perkataan.
e.g:: FYI=For Your Information

thank you..
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