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Blog dah berubah!
03 April 2011

Belog dah berubah!
we speak it like this- ber-log-dha-ber-rhu-bhah!
ok, Blog has changed!

i'm so happy.. in the sametime, i felt feel sad!

why iqah, what happened?

ok you know, i won the 2nd prize in the contest. 
<Contest Blog Paling Cantik-Highest Vote>

Contest ni:- i got Top 10....

With this pic:- :)

"Nursyafiqah" is me LOL! 2nd place! thanks ya the voters!

Congrats Masyitah and the other winners!

check out syitah's blog!

ok..now, i am a diarier..bocause there is no page elements
means, i can't add aothers feature..using pics,video,and the html/javascript=code!
it's fine, k! actually all of the changes on my blog are my "PRIZEs from AYU"
thanks dear..all the featured is prepared by the template.. thanks "creditors"!

i've added to the BUDAK BUDAK BLOGGERS=Group @facebook
by Apple Simmers.. idk, she called me Adik.. but she called Han Hanan Akak..?

you= we're not understand iqah!!
me= Han Hanan said to me that she's 12 y.o
and me too!

Means, if Apple Simmers called Han Hanan Akak, she supposed to call me Akak too!
::really, i shoudln't talk bout this..nonsensed things!

me= what do i care? this my DIARY! it's all bout me!

add me @facebook :: Nursyafiqah Syamsul Anuar
follow me @twitter :: @SNSD_Girls

thanks okay! dah separuh muka surat nieh! DaDa Dior and Dear!

:m:THE END by IQAH:m:

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